As a fundraiser we sell gift cards to many local and national retailers.
A gift card is “substitute money” in prepaid card form. When you purchase a gift card, you are buying prepaid cards that are used just like cash to buy food, clothing, books, and other essentials. The synagogue buys the cards at a discount and resells them at full face value. The discount, ranging from 5 % to 15%, is the synagogue’s profit.

You can purchase grocery cards for Stop & Shop, Big Y, Crown, and  ShopRite at the office with credit card, cash, or check payable to The Emanuel Synagogue. Also available are gift cards for Starbucks, The Gap, Barnes and Noble, Panera, ITunes and many other stores. Download our order form below to see the most popular gift cards our congregants purchase. If you don’t see the store you want on this list, go to Find your store and let our office know what gift cards you want us to order for you.

Click here to download a gift card order form.

You can also place a monthly “standing order” for local supermarkets and drugstores.
Click here to download a monthly standing order form for supermarket and drugstore gift cards.