Helpful Tips on living a more Jewish life!
How to:

Recite Blessings & Prayers (anywhere):

– Children: Blessing for the Children
– Kiddush on Friday Evening: Performing Kiddush at home.
– Blessing over bread: Hamotzi courtesy of Behrman House Publishers
– Havdalah (ending of Shabbat): Havdalah blessings w/ Hebrew transliteration.
KaddishMourners Kaddish (Hebrew & English); Video w/Hebrew transliteration & body movements.

Perform Daily/Weekly Rituals (anywhere)

– Light Shabbat Candles: Courtesy of Behrman House Publishers
– Video: How to put on a Tallit
– Wrap Tifilin: RAP versionConventional versionBlessings for putting on tefillin (Hebrew & English), Instructions & illustrations.
– Mourning the loss of a pet: A Jewish Response to Pet Loss.

Observing Holiday Rituals:

– Fast on Yom KippurThe Segal Guide to Fasting on Yom Kippur,  A Meditation for those that cannot Fast
– Sukkot: Home guide, How to Build a Sukkah
– The Arbah Minim on Sukkot: Shaking the Lulav & Etrog
– Hanukah: The Hanukah blessings, How to light the Menorah
– Play Dreidel: Dreidel Game instructions
Prepare for Pesach: Helpful Guidelines, A Teshuvah Permitting Ashkenazim to Eat Kitniyot on Pesah, Rabbi Golinkin’s tshuvah: abolishing the custom of not permitting the eating of rice and beans.

In the Synagogue: 

What if?What to do when:

. . . there is illness in the family? Let us know immediately if a family member or fellow congregant is ill or hospitalized so your Emanuel community can offer spiritual support for the difficult days ahead.  Our clergy will visit members and their close relatives in the hospital, while healing prayers from the bima will be recited. Our Hesed Committee also make home visits to shut-ins.Email Rabbi Small or his Assistant Lisa Taylor or contact the office at: 860-236-1275.

. . . a death occurs? Contact Rabbi Small at (860) 236-1275, ext. 115 as soon as possible so he can guide you through what happens next. Here are some additional resources: Cemetery Rules and RegulationsGuide to Burial and Mourning Practices

. . . you want to marry at The Emanuel? Contact the office to make arrangements to schedule a meeting with Rabbi Small.

. . . you are not Jewish and want to learn more, and perhaps explore the possibility of conversion? It is recommended that you see a rabbi as soon as you begin the thought process. Contact Rabbi Small/ (860) 236-1275, ext. 115.

. . . you are expecting a baby?A Rabbi can help you with names, planning for the brit milah or baby naming, and other matters. Contact Rabbi Small / (860) 236-1275, ext. 115.

. . . you want to book a room? Contact our Events Coordinator: Regina Miller

. . . you need to find a Jewish Calendar date? Go to,to find any Jewish holiday date, as well as help you convert secular dates to Hebrew dates for any year.

. . . you want to live a more Jewish life? A Rabbi or Ritual Director can provide you with the guidance during  your learning process. Contact Rabbi Small/ (860) 236-1275, ext. 115, or Moshe Pinchover, Ritual Director, (860) 236-1275#117

. . . you want to learn to lead services? Our Cantor will be happy to work out an instructional plan for you. Contact Cantor Cohn/ (860) 236-1275, ext. 114

. . . you have a question not listed here? If it is a religious or counseling matter, our clergy are happy to answer any of your questions at any time. If it is an operational question and a staff person would be more appropriate, you can submit to us directly at: