by Judith T. Fox

Translator’s note: I’ve attempted to keep these definitions very brief. Fuller explanations of many of these themes are available elsewhere on this site and I encourage you to read them. If you still have questions, have other words you want defined, or just want more information, please contact the Director of Congregational Learning,  at 860-233-2774,

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Adon Olam -  A closing hymn for the Shabbat and holiday morning service.
Ahavat Yisrael -  Literally, “Love of Israel.” It is a phrase used to describe those actions which show our love for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel
Aichah -  The Book of Lamentations
Aliya -  (pl. Aliyot)  The honor of being called to the Torah.
Ashrei -  A prayer written in an alphabetic acrostic.