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Jewish Summer Camping is proven to have a positive influence on Jewish identity and commitment well into adult years, so we encourage all of our Emanuel youth to have a Jewish summer camping experience. The Emanuel has a strong relationship with Camp Ramah New England, one of the premier arms of our Conservative Movement, as well as other Jewish Summer Camps: Camp Laurelwood, Camp Zeke for fitness & culinary arts, Cohen Camp, Camp Young Judea, and Camp Shalom day camp at the JCC of Greater Hartford.

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Ramah 2016 1

Rabbi Small’s 2017 visit to Camp Ramah New England: “The weather was bright and sunny, the lake and trees were gorgeous and the campers glowed with good health, fun and enjoyment of friendships, great activities and Jewish ruach. It is hard to describe the amazing combination of arts, sports, drama, and other fun activities that challenge the campers to be their best, imbued with a lively spirit and Hebrew in the air.”

Ramah 2016 2

Religious School Principal Barbara Fink’s Dvar Torah, June 2017 Shabbat Services:
“Today we are sending our kids off to camp-some to sleep away camp and others to day camp. It is a time for kids to run and play and swim and forget about school, but what they don’t realize is that they are growing and learning every single day….” Click Jewish Summer Camping doc by Barbara Fink to read more.

A Mama’s Prayer for Summer Camp written by Rabbi Phyllis Sommer

May you find learning and growth of all kinds. May you gain independence and feel comfort in your Jewish identity.
May the mosquitoes be guided away from you, and may the raindrops not fall into your tent (too much).
May the food be delicious and the pool or lake the right temperature.
May you seek out new experiences and try new things (vegetables would be nice but I’m doubtful).
May you smile brilliantly for the camp photographer and show up daily in the online photo albums.
May you avoid the camp crud and may you never lose your socks. May you take a shower and brush your teeth every day.
May you not send wet towels to the laundry, because the laundry is charged by weight.
May your arrows fly straight, your fishing line never get tangled, and your tetherball not whack you in the nose.

May you not fall off the top bunk. May you not spend your whole canteen account on silly junk. May you not lose your hat and water bottle in the first week.
May you not lose your way in the night to the outdoor bathroom. May you write your parents at least one letter besides the mandatory first-day-letter.
May you create a life-long friendship (at least one, if not many). May you renew old friendships, since they are the most precious. May you learn more and more about yourself and your spirit and being. May you return home in one piece with all your belongings, and may you ever yearn to return to the land of summer camp.

Due to our commitment to support a Jewish summer camping experience to all, The Emanuel Scholastic Awards Committee offers help to those that need assistance in order to attend programs sponsored by: Camp Ramah in the United States and Israel, USY or any other American Jewish or Israeli Educational agency. Assistance amounts received depends on number of applicants and available funds.To be scholarship eligible, applicant synagogue membership dues must be current.  For more information: Director of Youth & Family Learning or download a scholarship application.