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They make a perfect gift for your child’s teachers, for family members and friends – no problems with sizes or returns! In addition to a number of cards that we carry for grocery stores and book stores, Great Lakes has hundreds of other choices.  You can look on their website: and then give us your order.  We will be happy to get them for you – and the synagogue makes money so everyone wins!

The process is simple and there is no cost to you! Use cash, check or your favorite credit card to purchase these gift cards.

Click here to download a gift card order form.

Some of the great choices include (along with  percentage the synagogue receives):
Amazon – 4%                            American Eagle – 9%
Banana Republic – 9%               Barnes and Noble – 9%
Bath and Body Works – 13%      Bed, Bath & Beyond – 7%
Bloomingdales – 12%                 Borders – 9%
Brooks Brothers – 16%              Build a Bear – 8%
Crate & Barrel – 8%                   CVS – 6%
Foot Locker – 9%                      Eddie Bauer – 10%
Foot Locker – 9%                      Home Depot – 4%
Lands End – 17%                      LL Bean – 15%
Lord & Taylor – 8%                    Lowes – 4%
Macys – 10%                            Marshalls – 7%

These are just a few of the available gift cards.  Please look for restaurants that are also available.  Let the office know what you would like.  Turn around on orders takes about 10 days and can be paid by check (we get the full percentage) or by credit card when the order is placed.  To avoid a last minute rush, please try to place orders by the end of the first week in December.  We, of course will take orders before and after that.

Simply call the synagogue office (236-1275) and speak to Lisa Taylor or Lisa Lenkiewicz to place your order.