Annual Hannukah Drive for Jewish Soldiers Overseas

Annual Hannukah Drive for Jewish Soldiers Overseas

Bring items to the synagogue by Friday, November 2, 2012 by noon.

B’Yadeynu needs your help with our Annual Hanukkah Gifts for Soldiers Drive. For the past 8 years the social action committee has been sending Hanukkah packages to Jewish soldiers deployed overseas.  We know it means a lot to the soldiers to receive these care packages from home. Please help us run another successful drive this year and let our soldiers know they are appreciated and not forgotten.

Click here to download a flyer about our Hanukah Drive for Soldiers.

Please be sure that food items are kosher with hechsher (kosher certification).  Please do NOT send liquids as we can’t send them through the mail (i.e., no shampoo or juices boxes).  Here are a few examples of what we’ve sent in the past.

      • Shabbat and Yahrzeit candles (in tin, no glass)
      • Kosher matzah ball soup mix, latke mix
      • Hanukkah candles, tin menorahs, foil wrapped chocolate gelt, dreidels
      • Packets of fruits, nuts, snacks, hot and cold drink mixes, hot cereal mixes, protein bars, granola bars, cookies and snacks in individual bags
      • Lip gloss, chapstick, wet naps, packages of Kleenex
      • Books, new magazines, DVDs on Jewish topics/history
      • Cards/notes and scenic posters are considered huge morale boosters!  Cards written by children are especially appreciated!
      • Gift cards: Visa, Mastercard, iTunes
      • Laundry detergent in pod form (Tide preferred but any brand ok)
      • Disinfectant/cleaning wipes
      • Simple Human garbage bag size N heavyweight garbage bags:
      • Finish Powerballs for the dishwasher (this brand and style only)
      • They also need one Pur Advanced Water Faucet Filter Chrome FM-3700B and about 10 filters to fit it which are available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Call Risa Davidson, 860-236-8889 or Janet Wallans, 860-278-4596 if you have any questions.



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